Haiti Can Be A Tourism Hotspot

A 1993 Miami New Times article, Confessions of a Lounge Lizard, by Tom Austin, described Capponi as “a promoter with a higher calling.”

“I helped make Miami Beach part of what it is and I left in disgrace,” Capponi says over a plate of conch at a Jacmel hotel overlooking the bay. “I had to come back and fix that.”

Content source: http://www.michaelcapponi.com/

Capponi is right when he says those beaches in Haiti could be full of people having drinks. I’ve been there before, and it’s an amazingly beautiful country! It’s unbelievable that the tourism industry is in such a bad state there. At least, it would be if the country weren’t such an unfortunate victim of history and circumstance. It’s a good thing that Capponi is trying to do his part over there and build the nation some institutions it can really take pride in. Historic buildings and modern hotels and clubs make a really cool combination, just like in New Orleans, and if he can pull it together, Haiti can really have a rocking tourist industry. Can you imagine the night life there? Everybody loves local girls (and guys), and from his history it looks like Michael Capponi’s clubs are top rate and exciting places to be. Maybe it will be the big spring break destination in ten or twenty years?